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On Eagles Wings Mail
for non-profit organizations
Communication the easier way!

Here's a comprehensive but incredibly easy solution for all your e-communication needs.

Three packages to choose from:

Package 1:
On Eagles Wings Mailboxes
All staff should be sending and receiving emails with an address that matches your organization's name. Find out more >

Package 2:
On Eagles Wings e-Lists

Authorized staff and ministry leaders can send emails to your organization's e-distribution lists, and only to the lists they need to access. You create as many e-lists as needed, with an address that matches your organization's name. Find out more >

Package 3:
On Eagles Wings Website

Host your organization's website on our server and the mailboxes are included! The e-lists are only $15/month (plus one-time $50 setup fee). The Starter Package full-featured hosting plan gives you 250 MB of space for just $120/year. Find out more >

We take strong measures to protect our server from ever being used by spammers and other unethical users, and from getting black-listed by Internet Service Providers. This protects you as much as it protects us. Therefore, to receive an account from us, we ask our clients to agree to the following:

  • You must use this solely for a non-profit organization.
  • The director of your non-profit organization must send us a letter by postal mail, fax, or as a PDF file attached to an email, on your organization's letterhead, proving to us that you are indeed going to use our services for a non-profit organization, with legal proof of your non-profit status.
  • If you use e-lists, you must use the opt-in features of all e-lists or in some other way gain subscription authorization by all recipients. In other words, you may not use your e-lists to send emails to anyone who has not first agreed to receive your mail. Otherwise, you will be acting as a spammer and we reserve the right to cancel your account without refunding any money for unused months.
  • If you use our mailboxes, no one will use them to send spam. They will also not use them to send bulk mailings without first getting approval from the recipients; otherwise, you will be acting as a spammer and we reserve the right to cancel your account without refunding any money for unused months.

Improve and simplify
your organization's communications!

Are any of the following problems
true in your organization?

  • Someone at your organization is still using a personal email address for the organization's business, because they write the emails at home or because your organization doesn't have enough of its own email accounts.
  • Your organization doesn't have a website and therefore your organization's email address doesn't include the name of your organization.
  • Your organization does have a website but it doesn't come with email addresses for all your staff.
  • Your organization has a website and it does come with email addresses for all your staff, but it's too difficult to use, so it gets ignored.
  • Your organization's staff is not yet using an efficient, easy-to-use list service to send bulk-mail news by email:
  • When they do send emails, they put all recipients in the "TO" field or "CC" field (which exposes all recipients to other recipients' viruses that steal addresses for spammers).
  • When recipients receive emails from your organization, it's not easy for them to get off the list if they want the mail to stop.
  • When people who are interested in hearing from your organization want to receive news by email, it's not easy for them to get onto the list.
  • When subscribers' email addresses change, it's not easy to update the address books of all staff members.
  • When a staff member leaves employment, they still have access to the email addresses of your subscribers, even though they shouldn't.
  • The emails that are sent out from staff and volunteers have no quality control, and they usually don't include the organization's logo or links back to the organization's website.

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles. ~ Isaiah 40:31

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